Raised by artistically bent parents, I started seriously painting when I was 15.  By age 17 I was studying with Parsons Paris school, working on both realist and abstracted work.  While there I became obsessed with the local graffiti scene, and upon returning to the States I began painting graffiti as well.  A lot of my contemporaries were more graffiti-writer-turned-artist, but I've always considered myself to be an artist-turned-graffiti-writer.  I am drawn to the gestural abstraction in both graffiti and modern art, I'd even argue graffiti to be a blend of pop art and abstract expressionism.  The violence and velocity in this kind of mark making is what makes graffiti and abstract expression worth looking at.  I like to tease out aspects of my graffiti work and bring it into my gallery work-the wild immediacy of graffiti is quickly lost when transported into a gallery space fully formed.  My latest body of work look to tie in my latest interest in cave painting and how it relates to modern graffiti sensibilities.